“And Lydia Johnson Dance, a company based in South Orange, N.J., performed a show of Johnson’s works that demonstrated perhaps the most organic choreographic fusion of ballet and modern-dance techniques ever invented.” Lisa Jo, Sagolla Backstage Magazine, 2009

Our Location

All classes are held at the Burgdorff Center for the Performing Arts, 10 Durand Rd., Maplewood, NJ. Please note, LJD is only at the Burgdorff Center during our class times.

New Jersey's Top Dance Program

The Lydia Johnson Dance School is honored to have been selected as the best dance program and one of only 4 arts programs praised in the October issue of the Millburn/Short Hills Magazine.


Welcome to Lydia Johnson Dance’s Fall 2017 Session. We welcome all of our young dancers and dance families as well as our middle school and teen students!

Individual questions are best answered through email:

LJD believes in a warm, nurturing, non-competitive atmosphere in which each dancer can progress at their own rate while still focusing on correct alignment and technique. All of our professional instructors use a creative approach to dance education focusing on the enthusiasm and confidence that creating dances brings to our students. Please email Lydia if any young dancer is having a difficult time either technically or socially.

Class Scheduling

Please remember that all class info can be found here on our website:

Please note when there are no classes due to Holidays etc. We follow the South Orange Maplewood School Calendar. Each Class also has some days there are no classes due to the buildings being in use.

Please check and mark your calendars. We cannot return phone calls or email regarding each date. This info will remain on the website through the semester.

Weather cancellations will follow the Afterschool Programs in the South Orange and Maplewood School District. In this case we will use our scheduled make-up class as an additional class.

Class Location

All of our classes will be held at The Burgdorff Performing Arts Center in Maplewood Village (10 Durand Road). We are thrilled to be at home in this deeply community based center with a large, light studio space!

What to Wear for Classes

We require casual dancewear: Leotards and tights — no color regulation — or well fitted camisoles and shorts or leggings (we need to see the line of the dancers' body). No sweatpants or baggy clothes and hair must be pulled away from the face. Ballet shoes or ballet or jazz for Contemporary classes.

For Ballet classes: Ballet shoes are a MUST! For our Pre-K, and K class all kinds of leotards, tights and ballet skirts and fluffy dancewear is fine! (Ballet shoes as well.) Ballet and Jazz shoes may be purchased at The Capezio Outlet in Wayne, Payless Shoe Stores and as well in NYC. Please purchase shoes by the following reputable dance shoemakers if at all possible: Sansha, Bloch, Capezio or ABT.

Drop-off/Pick-up at Burgdorff

Younger students need to be walked in to the building while most of the older students are fine being dropped at the building entrance. This is a choice for you and your child, as we cannot monitor students coming in and out of the building. Be aware that parking in Maplewood Village can take a little time and allow for that in your plans.

Class Observations

Parents are welcome to observe for the first class, if your child needs you to be there. Longer separation issues can be discussed with Lydia. Past the first class, parents and caregivers can wait in the hall. On occasion, we will open the door if the students are showing work at the end of class and it’s a good time for parents and caregivers to step in and watch. We will have a class observation week later in the semester!

Our Semester Showings & Final Performances

At our studio, there are no costume fees, ticket sales, photo days, or typical recitals. In the spring older students show their own student choreography on The Woodland stage in an evening performance. This is a wonderful chance to experience a full theatrical performance that is based on their own creativity. Our fall semester classes culminate in an open class for parents to observe. Students younger than 1st grade will end all their semesters with an open class.


Both Lydia Johnson Dance and Lydia Johnson Dance School now have Facebook pages. If you are on Facebook come and share all that is happening and support us through your “likes.”

We look forward to seeing you on the first day!