Header photo Katie Martin-Lohiya and Brynt Beitman in 'Hindsight'. Photo by Nir Arieli

LJD will present its Fall 2016 Studio Showing on Sunday, November 13, at Manhattan Movement & Arts Center (MMAC). The company will show excerpts from a work-in-progress set to the Trio Sonatas of Handel, as well as Crossings By River, a work for women set to Osvaldo Golijov, which premiered in 2012.
Dancers include original Crossings cast member Lisa Iannacito McBride and LJD dancers Laura Di Orio, Katie Martin-Lohiya, Min Kim, Chazz McBride, Riccardo Battaglia, with Dona Wiley, Hope Ruth, Blair Reavis-Tyler, Emma Pajewski and Lauren Treat.
Manhattan Movement & Arts Center is located at 248 W. 60th Street, between Amsterdam and West End Avenues. Suggested admission is $20. For more information, click here

LJD in 'Crossings By River'. Photo by Kokyat

LJD welcomes five new dancers and one new apprentice this fall season. Get to know the dancers and why they're excited to be a part of LJD, and come see them dance at the November 13th Studio Showing!
Dona Wiley, originally from Danbury, CT
"LJD first got onto my dance company radar because some people I have worked with kept mentioning Lydia Johnson as a choreographer they have a great deal of respect for - for the quality of her work and the quality of her as a person. Joining in this rehearsal process so far, I can wholeheartedly support their claims. Her work as a choreographer is thoughtful and, at its core, driven by the music, which I appreciate given my own love for music and learning to play the cello from a very young age. To work with the members of her company has been refreshing. Everyone conducts themselves in rehearsal with professionalism, kindness and meaning behind their work that is rare to find when freelancing in NYC. I'm thrilled to be a part of a company that has such a unified team of talented artists."
Hope Ruth, originally from Taipei, Taiwan
"I love dancing with all the beautiful and talented dancers, and I love the working process and Lydia's choice of music."
Blair Reavis-Tyler, originally from Washington, D.C.
"I am excited to work with such talented artists, and hopefully allow their artistry and individual nuances inspire my own work!"
Emma Pajewski, originally from Pittsburgh, PA
"Lydia and the company members have already established such a positive environment to work in. I appreciate Lydia's choreography because I find it human and emotional, without unnecessary dramatics. It combines simplicity and complexity in a way that constantly has me thinking. I really look forward to what I may learn and share throughout my time with this group of artists."
Lauren Treat, originally from Ilion, NY
"I'm excited to be working with LJD because I'm eager to become a more versatile dancer and experience the incredible NYC art scene."
Emily Wohl, apprentice, originally from Stockton, NJ
"I love that Lydia allows each dancer to be an integral part of her creation process. The company has been so welcoming, and the environment is really wonderful." 

Min Kim and Blake Hennessy-York in 'Hindsight'. Photo by Nir Arieli
Laura Di Orio and Brynt Beitman in 'Night of the Flying Horses'. Photo by Nir Arieli

Lisa Iannacito McBride, who danced with LJD from 2006-13, and now lives outside of Albany, NY, will reprise her role in Crossings By River (2012) at the upcoming LJD Fall 2016 Studio Showing. She says she looks forward to returning to LJD, as it was her dance family for so long. "I was able to grow as an artist and develop lifelong friendships while in the company," she shares.
Lisa currently teaches ballet and modern at the School of the Albany Berkshire Ballet and CK Dance Company, and she performs with the Albany Berkshire Ballet in its Nutcracker tour and Rockwell Suites, based on the paintings of Norman Rockwell. In addition, she works with an event coordination firm on weddings, galas and corporate events. She is also a part of mang'Oh Yoga's teacher training faculty in NYC. And she is mother to three-year-old son Benjamin.
"Crossings is especially dear to me because it was created in the last season I was with the company before having my son," Lisa says. "My final performance of it was a showing at MMAC when I was five months pregnant, so I feel I danced it with him. It was also significant because, as one of the three central dancers, I was originally performing it alongside two of my best friends, Jessica Sand Blonde and Laura Di Orio, and the movement Lydia developed was reflective of the deep nature of our friendship - being able to be quiet and still with each other, swirling through life - sometimes together, sometimes in passing - and always supporting each other, even physically."
LJD's Fall 2016 Studio Showing will be held at MMAC on Sunday, November 13, at 2pm. Admission is free, with a $20 suggested donation. For more information, click here

Lisa Iannacito McBride in 'Crossings By River'. Photo by Kokyat

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Chazz Fenner-McBride and Sarah Pon in 'Night of the Flying Horses'. Photo by Nir Arieli

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